Simple Chemical Method to Remove a Tree Stump 

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We want to keep our trees as long as possible because we are grateful for the benefits they give us. But there comes a time when they get old and weak, and they become hazardous because they can suddenly fall off and damage properties or injure anybody. When you finally decide to cut off the tree and remove the hazard, there still remains one problem, which is the tree stump. 

The tree stump is undesirable to see, it does not serve any purpose, and it takes up space in your precious yard. Tree stump also becomes a hazard because it becomes an obstacle in the path of your property, and people who are not familiar with your place might trip off in the dark. 

With the reasons stated above, it is important that you should take the initiative and remove the tree stump. If you don’t have much time to spare, you can ask professionals to do the job for you. Contact Atlanta tree removal, to help you cut off the tree and to remove the tree stump effortlessly. 

Hiring a professional is a choice, but if you want to deal with the tree stump with yourself, you can. I will help you by sharing this simple chemical method to remove a tree stump. This method would not require massive amounts of effort and energy from you; it just helps hastens the rotting process of the tree stump. 

  1. Flatten the Tree Stump

This is the only step that would break your sweat; you first have to flatten the tree stump with a chainsaw. Be careful in using the chainsaw flatten the tree stump as close to the ground as possible, avoid hitting the chainsaw on the ground because it will dull the machine. 

  1. Drill Holes

The next move you have to do is to drill holes into the flattened tree stump, the wider the holes, the better. To do this, obtain your drill bit, and use the widest variety, and also drill it as deep as you possibly can. 

  1. Fill the holes

After making the holes now is the time to fill them with our solution, which is water and nitrogen fertilizer. Use equal amounts of water and the nitrogen; if you want a natural source, use cow manure, but you can also use commercial nitrogen fertilizer.  

  1. Moisturize

To further hasten the process of rotting, you have to make the tree stump moisturized. To do this, pour and soak the ground and the sides of the tree stump with water. Then cover the tree stump with a plastic sheet, so that the water would not escape as easily. Then put something heavy on top of the plastic sheet so it would not fly away. 

  1. Repeat the Process

Inspect the set-up again for a couple of days and observe if the solution in the holes are gone, as well as the moisture. Fill the holes with the solution and soak the tree stump and the ground again. 

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